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Dartmoor Zoo, the setting for The Bluebeards Revenge’s infamous “lion shaving stunt”, has made it on to the big screen.

‘We Bought a Zoo’, is about Ben Mee’s true-life family purchase of Dartmoor Zoo in 2006.

Starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, the film follows the story of the Surrey family’s purchase of the zoo, which was closed by inspectors before reopening in 2007.

It is based on the best-selling book Ben wrote about the whole project.

Directed by Cameron Crowe, the film sees a widowed father buy a dilapidated zoo in hope of making a fresh start. While facing enormous odds to keep the zoo open, he must find the courage to recommit to his children and to their new life together.

Mr Mee said the family had simply been looking for properties when they first had the idea of buying the zoo.

The film opens in the UK in March 2012.

In December 2010, Sacha Harding, The Bluebeards Revenge face and Britain’s manliest man, was challenged to a shave off in Dartmoor Zoo’s lion’s cage by a former SAS.

However, the shaving stunt took a nasty turn when the distressed soldier fell against the cage bars and had his face mauled by the zoo’s African Lion, Solomon.

It’s thought that the big cat sprayed him in the eyes with urine after his anxiety levels excited the animal, causing him to fall against the bars.

What do you think – how does the Adelia Television film stack up to the Hollywood version!!?


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