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Parody / comedy is often the hardest type of production to pull off. Adelia Television’s first job for the Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream was to shoot an ‘accident’ in the lion’s den at Dartmoor zoo.

The video works on different levels depending on your sense of humour – and it certainly triggers a lively debate…

But considering the relatively small investment of a few hundred pounds, the brand has been put in front of over ten thousand new people – and counting…

But, what do you think – is it funny?


Young sophisticated audiences can be hard to impress on a limited budget.  So sometimes it is better not to try…

Bournemouth University and Dorset Police wanted a video to help combat anti-social behaviour by a small number of students.  They also wanted to bring the students and local community groups together.  The production did just that as actors were drawn from both students and local people.  After the first year of playing it to the freshers as they arrive, initial results suggest it has also been effective in challenging the student’s attitudes…

So did we achieve in making it ironic enough for the students to take in the message considering our scant production resources?  What do you think?

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