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Congratulations to the boys at the Bluebeards Revenge HQ, who announced today (Bluebeards Blog) that their YouTube channel has passed 100,000 views.

Of course, as one of our clients the vast majority come from videos produced by Adelia Television.

Despite only moving into viral video production earlier this year, Adelia Television has accrued over quarter of a million hits for our clients.

YouTube is the new place to advertise – a free distribution network with millions of worldwide viewers! Such an advertising medium could only be dreamed of a few years ago – but how many people are using it to its full?

So why aren’t you using online video to its full potential? Are you, scared of expensive production costs, and not knowing who to turn to for advice?

Well Adelia Television’s viral video producer Adrian Butterworth, has utilised a combination of academic knowledge of the industry gleaned as a lecturer at Bournemouth University, and experience from working in broadcast television.

If you want to find out how to use this knowledge and experience to produce and distribute videos with your brand messages get in contact now!

Adelia Television will provide you with  free advice and a no obligation quote to bring your organisation up to date with your own bespoke online video campaign.


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