Adelia Television has worked with many celebrities over the years. Including a recent behind the scenes shoot with Heston Blumenthal

If you want a celebrity for your production – just ask!

Adelia Television has access to almost anyone – although fees can be mind bending as you progress backwards through the alphabet.

From ‘Z’ list personalities that cost a few hundred to ‘A’ list celebrities that can cost seven figure sums and beyond…

But add any celebrity to your video and you can guarantee views as people google them and find your content.

Remember, they carry their own set of brand values – make sure that the audiences understanding of the celebrity adds value to your brand.

The two videos below were put together as a behind the celebrity scenes feature for a city magazine. For a modest outlay the magazine was able to get far more mileage out of the photo shoots, offering readers and shareholders alike, extra value from an activity that would normally stay hidden…