Media Training


At Adelia Television we have ten years journalistic experience – the inside track on how to help the journalist write your story how you want it written. We can show you how to benefit from ‘cut and paste’ journalism.

At Adelia Television we have three years of experience of providing media training to police officers. People who started with no experience of the television cameras are now naturals at using the media as part of their everyday working lives – greatly increasing the effectiveness of their campaigns and investigations.

At Adelia Television we have university lecturing experience – ensuring that your media training is well structured and effective – as educational and informative as it is entertaining!

It takes practice to be able to deliver the perfect soundbite, but the good news is that, with the right training, almost anyone can be a great brand spokesperson.

Training includes:

  • One full day’s training at your offices
  • Full constructive critique of your delivery – we use positive reinforcement to enable people to be confident in front of the media
  • Practical and theoretical advice on how to improve to an appropriate level
  • Mock-interview scenarios, designed to help you relax and get your messages across
  • Training pack featuring practical advice on the key things to remember, and how to practice in everyday situations
  • If you’re ready to take your spokespeople to the next level, or train employees to be media speakers the brand will be proud of, contact us today to discuss your requirements.