Want to keep your clients and customers up to date with your most important news?

Not sure that text and photos really communicate what you want to say?

What about using viral news packages? We have made around 100 of them for Dorset Police, (Dorset Police Video Archive)

As a video journalist, Adrian Butterworth can create short, snappy, engaging representations of your initiatives, key events, product launches, or new ideas. The standalone news package format is self explanatory and has always been designed for efficient production – this means high quality video content – produced quickly and therefore cost effectively.

The documentary format is slightly more involved and allows you the opportunity to speak directly to your audience while illustrating your key points.

We also offer retained services – so if you want a regular news update for your clients and customers we can design a bespoke service for you. This would include a combination of video produced by Adelia Television and footage acquired in house – how much or how little depends on you. A scalable solution that takes advantage of resources you already have…

Still not sure? Below is an example of the quality of documentary work we can achieve.  First up is a national promotional video for Police Support Volunteers and below that a Home Office documentary designed to cut down fish smuggling!


Cefas, a division of DEFRA needed a documentary to show to anglers to educate them about the risks associated with fish smuggling. Shot in a day and edited in two days the following documentary was a cost effective way of dealing with a complex subject: