Music Production


You know what sort of music you want on your production but;

  • how do you get it?
  • how much does it cost?
  • how do you prevent other people using the same music for their branding
  • how do you avoid ending up in court for copyright infringement?

Well, the quick, cost effective and legally sound way is to get Adelia Television to write, record and license the music for you.

Our showreel music was written in house and thanks to the wonders of autotune, arguably, even the singing passes the quality test!

If you need more convincing, I will briefly explain more about the expensive / complicated / legally daunting minefield that is music licensing.


Most music that you will want to use will require you to buy multiple, costly music licenses. These include PRS, MCPS, MPA, PPL and VPL.

The last one in the list is not a joke – there is genuinely a licensing organisation called VPL. Each organisation covers different areas of licensing which can roughly be summarised:

  • PRS Performing Rights Society – covers public performance whether on radio, TV, online or in public places
  • MCPS Mechanical Copyright Protection Society – covers mechanical duplication onto physical formats i.e. CD, cassette, vinyl
  • MPA Music Publishers Association – copyright to publish notation; split between the musical work (sheet music / tab etc.) and the literary work (lyrics)
  • PPL Phonographic Performance Limited – to use recorded music
  • VPL Video Performance Limited – to use music videos

Do you need to worry about this? Well yes, if you are using copyrighted work without paying for it you are stealing and leaving yourself and your organisation open to prosecution.


There are two possible solutions that mean you don’t need to get involved with the licensing companies above.

Production Music: For around £50 you can buy production music online that is licensed to you/your organisation Рbut this has drawbacks:

  • To maximise profit, the music can be licensed to anyone – do you want your brand damaged by someone else’s use of the same music that conflicts with your brand values?
  • The license is restrictive about where and how you can use the music – i.e. you cannot make physical copies (DVD etc.) or play it publicly without additional payment
  • You have to find music that fits with your brand – this can mean hours of trawling through music catalogues trying to find the right piece


We can write, record and license a bespoke piece of music just for you. The license will mean that you own the music; lock, stock and barrel! You can use it anywhere in the world, on any medium, copy it as much as you like and no one else can use it without your written permission.

Adelia Television surrenders all ownership of the copyright work to you for a one off fee (check out our fees page for details)

The only condition? That we are also providing your video production services – that’s it – use us for video production and your music licensing concerns can be over.

You can tell us what type of music you would like and we will write and record it to broadcast quality to fit your video production. While it may not make this weeks Top 40 it will be a professionally produced piece of music tailored to your brand.

We wrote the music for this shaving cream advertisement – it needed something manly that drove the video production along…