£400 ALL INCLUSIVE DAY RATE to come and shoot your video
£200 ALL INCLUSIVE DAY RATE to edit your video

But, what exactly do you get included?

  • Fully qualified and experienced Broadcast Video Journalist
  • HD camera equipment – large sensor cameras which create cinema type footage
  • All rigging equipment needed (i.e. lights, tripods, consumables etc.)
  • Full HD video edit suite at broadcast quality
  • Bespoke service from the earliest concept to the finished edit
  • As much or as little involvement in the production process as you require

With all inclusive day rates it couldn’t be any simpler – ring or email us for a quote for how long your project will take to complete.

Music Production

Avoid complex, restrictive and costly music licensing by commissioning Adelia Television to write, perform and record your music for you.

As long as you are using Adelia Television for your video production we will produce high quality production music from just £100…

For more about music licensing and our music production services click here.

Watch the video below to see an example of Adelia Television’s high production standards and how bespoke music can tightly fit your production: