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Well the simple answer is yes!

You might even be reading this post purely because of the picture of the celebrity or the promise of this celebrity content:


This was taken by Simon Jessop a fantastic photographer that I have had the pleasure of working with on several occasions including the shoot with Heston:

It is not difficult to get celebrities to work for you – although it is not cheap!  But if you have the budget to match the right celebrity to your brand the benefits are obvious and instant.

Whereas a viral video can take months to gain enough critical mass to take off, stick a celebrity into the mix and you turbo charge your initial stats – a shortcut to viral fame…

They don’t even have to be that well known; recently a model we used for a fun little viral went into the Big Brother house.  She was only in for a couple of weeks before becoming the first evictee, but as Big Brother is on terrestrial television, thousands of people began searching for her on YouTube and found our vid.  Before long the story hit the national press:


So what did her viral clip look like when they got there?

Well, shot in a day with four other girls, it was intended to make the point that this male product works just as well on ladies legs. But was that the only intention?  Or was it to grab the attention of a young male audience – you decide…


So, an ad that cost just a few hundred pounds to make, suddenly ended up with national coverage due to the cult of celebrity…

There is one proviso to all of this – make sure you have the video hosted in one place and never, never send out more than one link.  The viewing stats for the video above are missing a few thousand, because one national newspaper linked to our ‘preview only’ clip hosted on a private account.  Oops, lesson learnt – thousands of people have still viewed this piece of viral advertising via both links, but, you need those views all on one video, as views = profile = links = more views…

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