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It is always good to work closely with other people in the freelance world.

Other professionals are the source of referrals and therefore jobs.

If you have a pile of business cards from professionals who you trust you are also able to offer your clients a more comprehensive service that means they can pick and choose the people with the skills they require without paying an agency…

With that in mind I met up with Simon Jessop the other day – a photographer who I have worked with before.  We grabbed a meal and a pint at The Crown in Farringdon – just round the corner from his studio.

Simon has already given me one really good referral – and although I haven’t been able to return the favour yet, a few months ago I made him look good in a ‘behind the scenes’ web video shoot for a magazine – see what you think:

And here is Simon’s shot they went with for the front cover:


So given Simon’s kind referral I’ll return the favour and recommend him to everyone reading this post!  Hire him, he’s brilliant: Simon Jessop

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